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Topping Apple’s Top Charts being both the top grossing and most popular free app in less than 12 hours after its launch proves that Nintendo did a great job to make the game so desired.

The game has been hyped up for months as it was announced in September. Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first shot at developing an in-house iOS app. It was so hyped up that it even crashed Apple’s stores because of its high demand.

Despite the fact that it is a free to download from the store app it also includes a purchase to play the game to its full extent. Coming at $9.99 it allows players to enter all six game world, 3000 coins and 20 Toad Rally tickets. Players who opt not to pay for the full product will have access to only three levels and be able to play 20-second try-outs.

The Japanese tech giant’s game is currently sitting at a 3-star rating with over 20000 reviews. Considering its price and great popularity in Apple’s charts both parties are earning big money off of it. If you want to control Mario as he runs from left to right while clearing obstacles and small gaps trying to get him safe through the level while collecting coins, this game is for you. The end goal is to finish the level in the fastest way possible.

Along with its classic Mario feeling, the game also features three modes, named Toad Rally, World Tour and Kingdom Builder to keep you occupied for hours on.

Either you want to play the 20-second trial runs or want to dash out $9.99 for the full version Nintendo’s Super Mario Run is surely a great game that deserves its high praising.