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It might be so exciting for fans to know that the Sims 4 has a new update. In fact, Electronic Arts and its developers have been preparing for an announcement to introduce supernatural characters to the game. In some news, revelations about hidden game files having unique attributes for Vampires.

There might be some truth in that, as it will be the first supernatural Sim character in the upcoming game pack. Accordingly, it will introduce a Vampire-themed game pack. As Electronic Arts revealed in its life simulation game, there is a new eye color, including new in-game animation and intriguing icons.

In addition to the eye color, the game files hidden might also contain unique icons and images. There was even an image of a huge tree with birds flying all around it, aside from the gravestone that projects a hand in front of it.

Part of the update that was unveiled was the new walk style for Sim characters. This was named old and creepy, which was reminiscent of the Vampire Sim characters previously created earlier in The Sims versions.

It might be so early for Electronic Arts to unveil the game pack that would introduce Vampires to The Sims 4. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that leaked game files contain attributes of the said type of character.

Likewise, there were icons of Vampire babies being discovered with a widow’s peak. There were also death types that would involve dying after exposure from the sun. Other game codes might also indicate the potential involvement of occult powers and Vampire-like abilities.

Nevertheless, fans will have to wait for The Sims 4 to be confirmed by Electronic Arts that there is indeed a game pack dedicated to the existence of Vampires. A teaser clip has been released by the company as it was named Vintage glamor stuff pack.

Surely, this type of game pack is going to be a game changer for The Sims 4 and perhaps even for the franchise as this will be a groundbreaking experience. Although this was not confirmed yet, it should be an update worth waiting and celebrating for.