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Fans of the famous Pokemon Go developed by Niantics are now able to hatch Magby, Igglybuff, Cleffa, Togepi, Elekid and Pichu.

As Christmas comes closer players are in for an early treat from Niantic. Monday was a big day for Pokemon Go fans when the addition of four new pokemon via an Youtube clip. Players figured out that these new pokemon were Cleffa, Igglybuff, Elekid and Magby.

The developers of the ever so popular mobile game later announced that there are more Pokemon to hit the game pretty soon as stated in a blog post. This update will feature Pokemon from Gold and Silver which are a newer generation of games in this franchise.

As if this update wasn’t enough players are to find from Monday until the 29th of December festive Pikachu in the wild, to be found in Christmas hats to endorse the holiday spirit.

The announcement didn’t come as a surprise as the update was announced last week when Niantic managed to partner with Sprint, a US carrier. This partnership allows for 10.500 stores owned by Sprint to become Gyms and Pokestops making it easier for players to compete with each other.

Despite being a monster hit upon its release, the game developed by Niantic experimented a ever so slight drop in popularity having a steady No. 10 position in Apple’s Store as a top-grossing game. Enjoying a lot of popularity and hype from players when the game was released in July, it showed a new possibility for gamers to experience augmented reality.

The game makes use of a smartphone’s camera, mobile data and the GPS function to bring the player into the Pokemon Go world where he can catch, train and compete with the pokemons that he collects.

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