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Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game in the world right now and when it was first released it had the entire world out on streets searching for Pokemon in their area. The game is available in almost all regions of the world the only region which has been left out is South Asia, but that changed today. The game developer just announced that Pokemon Go is now finally available in Pakistan.

The game can be found available on both the iOS App store and Google Play Store for free. Residents of Pakistan could have downloaded the game before, but they couldn’t do too much with it because Niantic Labs didn’t generate any Pokemon around Pakistani neighborhoods.

The reason why Niantic Labs took five months to make the game available in South Asia is because the developer had to “resolve a few administrative challenges” as Niantic Labs put it. The main problem was that the game uses GPS to locate players and the Pakistani administration didn’t agree to allow Niantic Labs to use GPS tracking in their country, until now.

There’s a catch though, all government officials are restricted from downloading the app so that they can’t be tracked but that doesn’t affect the country’s population.

Before downloading the game, readers should know that the game is notorious for draining batteries because it uses GPS and internet connectivity. The best advice we can give Pokemon Go players is to either get their hands on an external battery or to download the entire GPS data on their mobile phones so GPS connectivity isn’t required anymore.

Pakistan residents received access to the game right in time because Niantic Labs just added one hundred new Pokemon to the game yesterday. Yesterday’s patch also included a bunch of new features such as baby Pokemon that can be later evolved into stronger ones.