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NVIDIA is not slacking despite the fact that it sits atop its competitors in the graphics sector. Being built with Pascal architecture the next GTX 1080 Ti will also be built around it. The new graphics card is yet to be announced but fans caught a glimpse of its release via a recent job opening posted on LinkedIn. NVIDIA seeks a Senior Marketing Manager to help them with releasing the new Ti card that is paired with Club GeForce Elite.

The job opening confirms NVIDIA’s tight connection with PC gaming and its goal of continuing to lead the market in graphics sales. This job opening is described as if someone will get employed, he or she will be an important part in Consumer Marketing and at the same time being needed to cross-functionally work among the team to build and promote a GeForce reward system that repays customers for their loyalty.

Several outlines were listed as the future employee will have to voice players’ needs while at the same time work with partners by cementing NVIDIA’s number one spot on the market. This strategy of repaying loyal customers will most likely cement GeForce’s series position as the best platform for PC gaming.

Club GeForce is the name of NVIDIA’s fidelity program. They will not stop here however as they plan on expanding with a new $10 per month subscription named Club GeForce Elite which includes some benefits such as a rotating bundle of games that will be available for free, exclusive skins, in-game items and GeForce Gear as well as Free GeForce PC in the cloud subscription.

This app is not available in the store as of now and this can be regarded as a reference to GeForce Now service. Having the power to reign supreme in the graphics sector NVIDIA is expected to top sales and reward customers that made the brand ever so famous.