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A lot of Android users have been eagerly waiting for Android Nougat to arrive. Fortunately, for those who own a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and Note 5, they’re in for a real treat since it seems that these phones will soon receive the much-awaited update.

There have been rumors last month that the Samsung is developing Nougat for the Galaxy Note 5. These aren’t really surprising since the phone is just 16 months old and was one of the company’s flagship devices last year, but Samsung has never really confirmed these reports. However, it seems that there is some truth to them. Recently, the Note 5 (specifically the SM-N920x model) was spotted on GFXBench with Android 7.0 as one of its supported OS.

Tech blog SamMobile points out that it’s easy to create false benchmark results by modifying the model number of a device. But, considering that the Galaxy S6 also appeared on GFXBench several days ago, it seems that this sighting can indicate that the Note 5 will get the Android Nougat update soon.

Speaking of the S6, there are reports that this phone and its cousin the S6 Edge will receive Android 7.1.1 instead of Android 7.0. These rumors mostly arise from a post on XDA Developer, on which a site member shared a screenshot that supposedly was from Samsung’s beta community. The screenshot shows a message saying that Android 7.1.1 will be supported from the official N OS release.

This reportedly is an official message from Samsung, stating that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will get the latest Nougat version instead of the basic Android 7.0 update that everyone was expecting. Samsung has not confirmed this, though, so it remains to be a rumor. Still, according to tech experts, the fact that the S7 and S7 Edge will supposedly receive Android 7.1.1 increases the chance that the S6 and S6 Edge will do, too.

If this happens, these two older models (which were released on April 2015) will enjoy a wide range of Android 7.1.1 features that are currently only available on Pixel and Nexus devices. These include direct-from-home-screen app shortcuts as well as new emojis that promote gender equality.