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A new update has come to Minecraft: Console Edition, which is called content update 32 for Xbox One and patch 1.35 for PlayStation 4. Similar to the last few updates, the recent patch will focus solely on the most recent Battle Mode. This new feature will ramp up the multiplayer component of the game.

However, as it is the same with the last few updates, the survival mode will be left untouched.

As the Battle Mode has debuted to the consoles in the summer, it focused mainly on the survival mode. In fact, the last few patches have been focused on the addition of new features and bug fixing for the new mode. The changelog for the PlayStation 4 or the Patch 1.35 released in September 9, 2016 are as follows:

  • Vote-to-kick function on the Mini Games have already been removed. Thus, the host can only do the kicking only in the lobby.
  • Public Tumble games will experience disability in small, oddly-shaped, floating skins.
  • Battle mini game showdown that plays Tumble mini game showdown sound has already been fixed.
  • A bug that causes the last player to die in Tumble, which gets stuck when respawning has also been fixed.
  • Another fix was made to the unlocking of Hunger Pain achievement, instead of killing yourself in the game while you starve.
  • A crash that happens to a client when winning and quitting the game got fixed as well.

Since the launching of the Battle mode in June, there isn’t much update done by 4J Studios, a console developer. But even if the PC version has kept on getting ahead with some cool new features, the focus has remained in Battle.

Despite the noticeable lag of the console behind the PC version, the current delay is far lesser than what has been made to the update. Meanwhile, 4J studio is busy developing cool new features that might come to PC or console.

The Combat update might be coming to console eventually, but players just need to be patient for now. Battle mode is still a very entertaining piece of work, as it is so competitive when playing Minecraft on consoles.