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A famous Youtuber that goes by the name of Sernandoe was kind enough to reveal to us some tips and tricks in order to obtain every Import/Export DLC car for free in GTA Online. Some of the vehicles have some unique features that allow them to be driven on water or even to upgrade them with special components.

Being known as extremely expensive, this news came as a big relief to GTA Online enthusiasts. We all can agree that it’s nice being able to test drive a car for free before parking it into your own garage. Being informed over a buying decision will impact a player’s hard-earned money.

It would be a great choice to just pick a car and leave the rest of them there. But make sure it’s a supercar to make everyone around you highly intrigued.

Some of these vehicles can be shared with friends and we believe that this is the best solution as well rather than opting to own them all into your garage where storage space will be wasted for no reason at all.

These cars can be obtained by launching the GTA Online Creator, Creating a Deathmatch and then entering the details that are asked there. After the required information is filled and you managed to place some spawn points on the map you can now opt for your DLC vehicle. You only have the option to test five vehicles in one go so make sure you’re making the right choice.

All that is left for now is to enjoy every vehicle possible and please, take your time because you might not know when you will find yourself in the situation of actually buying one.

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