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Brace yourselves, Grand Theft Auto fans! A GTA 5 Online update was recently released a few days ago and apparently, it turned the game into a playground for the “Rich”. Termed as the “Import/Export” expansion, Rockstar Games have nine unreleased rides which are two new bikes and seven cars. According to rumors, these new vehicles will be drip-fed in the coming weeks.

Conversely, the upgrade also came with three sports cars, a motorbike and eight Special Vehicles. However, owning these awesome vehicles does not come without a catch. Acquiring these rides is not that easy as there will be challenges along the way and a large sum of money is involved.

Before you lose heart, the expansion also comes with ways to accumulate money and afford the new cars. On the downside, however, players need to have millions of gaming money to enjoy this update to the maximum or else, they will be left with not much to do and just be mere spectators.

GTA 5 Online update also allows those with CEO status to be able to invest money in various ways. A large storage facility for stolen cars can now be bought for a hefty price but there is also a challenge to face.

In order to put their cars in the market, they also have to steal cars. This is the exciting part, though. The missions entail having to drive expensive vehicles back to the warehouse and do so by not causing much damage to the cars.

Moreover, the process of selling the cars is also not without other players given the chance to make it a bumpy ride, so to speak. This is because they can mess up with the accomplishment of the missions by trying to get their hands on the cars being sold or exported. Those who will be able to make a steal can sell these cars for XP and scrap. Additionally, CEOs will need some help to export vehicles to various buyers in San Andreas.

How do you get to enjoy CEO status?

Acquiring CEO status requires you to register with GTA Online as CEO and pay $1 million. Either you cannot afford this or just be left with a meager amount of game money. Moreover, even if you have the registration money, you cannot enjoy car theft missions without investing in a warehouse.

Meanwhile, here are some of the coolest acquisitions you can have.

Semi Vehicle

If you want to be the king of the road and get through traffic, this big semi is one purchase you want to get your hands on. This “monster” comes with a large plow to beat other vehicles that come in the way.

Four-wheeler Truck

This truck has four wheels and is an amphibian vehicle that it be used on water.

Talking Car

Called the Ruiner 2000, this talking car is similar the Knight Rider car ”KITT”, which was popular in the 1980s. Apart from being able to communicate with the car, you can also do other things with this ride like flying from the top of Mt. Chilliad and use its missiles, parachute and machine guns.

Again, the Import/Export expansion necessitates that the player is prepared to spend a lot to enjoy the game.