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Switching mobile platforms is something that occasionally occurs due to users realizing that the other platform has more of what they need to conduct their business. When something of this nature comes to be, the process of transferring all your important data from iOS to Android for example can be quite daunting.

Google took this into consideration and decided to come out with a feature for their Google Drive cloud storage service that will smoothen things out. With the help of this new feature, users will be able to seamlessly back up their critical data to cloud. This includes not only the photos and videos which you might need later, but also contacts and calendar schedules. These can prove to be more important often times when looking at it from an enterprise perspective.

This is presumed to be a pretty lengthy process, meaning that once commenced, your device will be transferring data from the other operating system for quite some time.

Allegedly, it could take hours before the transfer is finalized therefore it is advised that you plug your device in so it doesn’t die mid-process. Also, it is pretty important to remember to switch to WiFi if you can, because otherwise your mobile data will suffer immensely.

Google might be onto something that smartphone users haven’t picked up on yet, such as a possible noticeable consumer shift towards the open-source Android platform.

If Google truly has the informational edge and is expecting a major increase in market shares, facilitating the OS switch is a smart move. It allows Google to extend a warm welcome to all those coming from Apple’s iOS by offering them an easy way to get all their files across and not feel like they have to leave it all behind once they cross to Android.