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The newest version of the Gmail app on the iOS platform was released on December 8, 2016. This bumps up the version to 5.0.7 and the update size is quite hefty: 201MB.

Then again, the changes are a bit on the heavy side too.

Here’s a list of the new features in the latest version:

  • Choosing a browser to open links. Safari is the default browser on iOS devices and while it’s great, some users prefer to use a different browser. This is true whether opening links or browsing the web. So with version 5.0.7, users can now choose between Safari or Chrome to open links from their emails.
  • Support for formatted text. This update was rolled out for users on Android devices as well. With this update, you can copy text from a source and paste that onto a message body without losing its formatting. In short, the text remains the same even when transferred to its destination.
  • Select multiple messages. You can tap on the profile image of the sender or you can also tap on the icon found next to the images.
  • Mark messages as read/unread. This can be done by selecting the message and then tapping the open or closed envelope located on the top toolbar.

Also included in the list of changes for this version is the ability to edit quoted content when you are replying to a message. These are the changes you get when you upgrade the version that currently sits in your device.

In case you don’t have automatic updates turned on, go to the App Store to update the version you currently have.

While getting the latest features is a good reason to update the current version of your Gmail iOS app, there are other reasonable ones too.