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For as long as we can remember, users were able to browse for all kinds of apps as well mobile games from the same app drawer within Google’s Play Store.

Some didn’t mind this mash and some did, while some didn’t really care about it. Those camps are pretty much present today, but it might not matter anymore because it seems Google is preparing a change for its users that has been hinter, or better said discovered, by a few users that have discovered something interesting while using the Play Store.

A handful of users have reported that while browsing around Google’s Play Store, they have noticed that apps and games were now grouped into two separate categories. This change doesn’t seem to be a general truth, as some users still receive the old version when navigating around the menus.

It may be that Google is testing out the waters before diving headfirst into what may very well be a pool of pointless complaints.

Like stated previously, not everyone would condone the merger but at the same time, not everyone would be against it. It remains to be seen what kind of impact this implementation will have on the community and how Google will be able to manage feedback.

This also brings up another question, about what other plans Google might be preparing to put into application as far as the Play Store UI is concerned. Only time will tell us if the Android developer is looking to change more things around the marketplace app.

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