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After weeks of waiting, the Winter Update for the Clash of Clans game has been released. Along with it, some new features and changes have been added to the game, which will surely please the fans of this title.

In concordance with Travelers Today, the most waited update is finally here and most of the rumored features and changes have really come to the game. We have to remind you that before the release of this update, Supercell has been teasing the Clash of Clans fans with information about the Winter Update.

The gamers have speculated that the new update will increase the levels of some buildings. Some of them have hoped that some new features such as ships will be released. The Winter Update was announced via the game’s official Twitter account and everyone got hyped.

In the tweet, Supercell has also revealed a video from a YouTube channel, which has showcased the changes that this new update will come with. It seems that all changes that were expected to come to Clash of Clans have been showcased there. For example, the maximum level of the Barbarian King and Archer Queen has been increased by up to 45 from 41. At the same time, the Clan Castle can be upgraded to level 7 now, while the Golems can be upgraded to level 6.

If you’ve been using Hog Riders in your attacks, then you should know that you can upgrade them to level 7, while the Poison Spell can do more damage now once you upgrade it to level 5.

Unfortunately, a good amount of features that most of the fans have been expecting didn’t come. Now, most of them are hoping that Supercell will finally release a major update sometime in January 2017 that will bring ships and other new buildings.