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The new update that hit Battlefield 1 features the first free DLC map named Giant’s Shadow, an interesting new weapon that lets you shoot grenades from a crossbow, several shotguns being nerfed and most importantly a highly wanted spectator mode. All of these updates were announced in a dev blog post by DICE.

Battlefield 1’s spectator mode is no different from other games. What it means is that players now have the option to observe live matches from either a third-person or first-person camera perspective. The whole battlefield can also be looked after using a bird’s eye view camera. You also have the option to roam the map freely.

Custom Games are also going to be tackled where players are limited to using a certain class of rifle when toggled on. DICE stated that this will put the players in a WW1 perspective where these rifles don’t come with optics that can improve shooting and will provide players with firsthand experience of how people used to shoot a rifle a long time ago.

Speaking of guns, some balancing was done regarding shotguns as DICE said that their aim is to level the pros and cons of each shotgun individually. Some of them packed a bigger punch than intended at certain distances. Some changes will regard the Sawed Off Shotgun, Model 10-A and M97 Trench Gun. These changes will limit the one-shot potential that players had.

Medics will also be hit in regard with syringe cooldowns, sprinting will also be changed along with spawning into a landship. Battlefield Premium members will get this update earlier whereas the rest will enjoy the new content on December 20th.