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Windows is the most used operating system in the world. It has a long history, being improved from one version to another, but at the same time, new problems have appeared and users started complaining about the performance of their devices.

Plus, hackers exploited vulnerabilities and gained remote control access of infected machines, and in order to get rid of malware, users had to reinstall Windows. This means that they lost everything saved on the C: drive during formatting. Microsoft will make it easier to clean Windows PCs, by offering a new reset option.

Currently, if you head to Settings > Update & recovery > Recovery and click the Get started button under Reset this PC, you will lose your apps and settings, but you can also choose to remove everything a start from scratch. This will change in Creators Update, as Microsoft is planning to introduce a new option, as it was discovered by users who downloaded the latest Insider Preview builds.

Usually, if you run the systemreset -cleanpc command (type it into the Start menu/Run box), you are taken to the Reset this PC settings screen. But this is no longer available in the latest Insider Preview build, because if you run the command there, you’ll see only an option called “Clean up and update this PC”.

If you select this option, all your apps will be removed, except for those that come with Windows. No personal file will be removed, while the system will be updated to the latest version. And this will take up to 20 minutes or longer, depending on the specs of your PC, which is approximately the same duration of time required by a fresh installation of Windows.

We’re hoping that Microsoft will keep this option in the upcoming Creators Update, because it will save many users from reinstalling Windows whenever they get into trouble or their system becomes sluggish.