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One of the most common issues WhatsApp users face is that whenever they buy a new mobile device they need to transfer their data and that can get quite complicated at times, but now WhatsApp has taken care of that problem and the app finally allows users to restore their chat history without any struggle.

The reason why WhatsApp users couldn’t transfer their conversations before was because the app chose to store data locally and not on web servers but now, that has changed.

Owners of Android powered devices can backup and restore their WhatsApp conversations on other Android devices simply by using Google Drive. The cloud service is free for all Android powered devices, and the only thing users are required to do is to log in into Google Drive and access the Settings menu from where they can choose to backup WhatsApp “chat history”. The only thing left to do now is to access the new Android device and open up WhatsApp. The app will prompt users to restore their chat history and take care of the rest on its own.

Now on the other hand, iOS users will also have to use cloud service to store their chat history. This time, WhatsApp users will have to use Apple’s own iCloud backup.

In order to save conversations, iOS users need to open up WhatsApp and access the Settings menu from where they choose to backup the app’s chat. The next step is similar with the same one Android users had to take, whenever users choose to open up the app they will be prompted to restore their chat conversations.

Worth noting is that there is another way of storing WhatsApp history that doesn’t include cloud services. This can be done by using an SD card, but using iOS or Android cloud services is the easiest method.