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A real-time threat intelligence provider analyzed thousands of sources to rank the vulnerabilities that compromise the security of computer systems. The people behind the infiltration of these systems and malware attack incorporate these vulnerabilities with exploit kits. When a user opens malware and malicious software packages like RIG and Neutrino, the problem starts.

Unfortunately, results show Adobe Flash Player got affected by six out of the ten vulnerabilities. While it is possible to disable Flash to run from your browser, this does not necessarily mean your computer system is safe from being hacked.

Your best option would to uninstall Adobe Flash Player completely from your system. If you have several versions available, removing them all at once is not difficult.

First, you need to view what applications you have installed and you can do this by clicking the “Control Panel” then “Programs and Features”. The Flash plug-ins in your computer system will be there and you have to tick on the box on the left side of the plug-in in which Adobe Flash Player is associated. Next, click “Uninstall”.

If you are using Mac OS X, it’s important to download the specific Flash Uninstaller for Mac PCs from the website of Adobe. After downloading, search for the downloaded disk image with “.dmg” ending. Double click the icon to open. When a new window appears, you can now click on the “Adobe Flash Player” on the window.

If you get a prompt asking for a confirmation if you would like to open the application, simply click “Open”. You will have to type in your username and password for the “uninstall” process to start. You will get notified after Adobe Flash Player has been removed from your operating system.

If you are having ambivalent feelings about it, you might put it off. But do you really need Adobe Flash Player to view web content? If not, then you should uninstall Flash to keep your computer system safe.