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There is no doubt that the smartphone market is large enough to encompass all economical classes, as well as all personal preferences. However, due to the sheer size of the option pool, it can be quite daunting to pick out a smartphone and designate it as your daily drive. Keep in mind that a handset isn’t a pair of socks.

Once you commit to one, you will be using it for quite some time, so it’s better that you figure out what you want from your unit before you buy it. In the hopes of making your job easier, we bring you this smartphone comparison between two worthy candidates that are bound to showcase good results without burning a hole through your savings.


The Samsung product comes with a 5.5 inch display that bears a max resolution of 1920 x 1080. It uses TFT technology and it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection to ensure it won’t crack instantly. The F1 from Oppo on the other hand uses AMOLED technology, which is net superior, but comes in the same 5.5 inch package, with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The protection is also superior, in the form of a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 safety measure.


Let’s talk about specs. For some users, this is what it all comes down to. If you’re looking for processing power, you’ll have to choose between the Exynos 7870 found on the Galaxy device and the MediaTek MT6755 processing unit on the Oppo F1.

The latter comes with a better RAM counterpart, as it hold 4 GB while Samsung’s handset only has 3 GB. In terms of graphics processors, we are looking at a Mali-T830MP2 under the hood of the J7 and the Helio P10 chip for Oppo. The Oppo F1 also comes with a bigger yield for internal storage space, but both devices can reach 128 GB through a microSD.