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Niantic had to infirm rumors of Pokemon Go being cancelled for the Apple Watch, tweeting on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account that the game is coming soon and fans should stay tuned. Back in September, when Apple has unveiled the iPhone 7, Niantic too the stage to announce that Pokemon Go will be released for the wearable, but at the event was showed off only an “unfinished port”.

The false rumor that Niantic will no longer bring Pokemon Go to the Apple Watch started on Reddit, when a user posted an email supposedly sent by a customer service agent claiming that the “port for the Apple Watch has been shelved” and that Niantic has stopped developing the game for the wearable.

Some websites fell into the trap and exaggerated a bit, worrying fans who have been waiting since September for more news from Niantic about the development of Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch.

In the end, it turned out that the post was not real, as Niantic has posted on Twitter that the development of the game continues, although the company hasn’t offered details about the release date for the smartwatch.

However, if fans want to play Pokemon Go while wearing something around their wrists, then they should buy the Pokemon Go Plus accessory that costs $35 and which vibrates and lights up when a Pokemon is nearby.

On the other hand, the variant of the game for the Apple Watch will measure the distance traveled by gamers who are preoccupied with hatching eggs, as they will know exactly how many steps they will take during a day without needing to have their iPhone running Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile, Niantic has launched Super Mario Run for old school players who used to control Mario as he ran from left to right, jumping over obstacles and collecting coins. This game is available for iOS and in August 2017 will come to Android as well.