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Pokemon Go was launched back in the summer and it was instantly considered as the best mobile game ever but its popularity started declining along the way and to make it the most downloaded game once again, Niantic Labs launched a major Christmas update.

This is the perfect time to get back into the game because older players will be rewarded with in game bonuses at their return. Reports are showing that the Christmas update will bring 100 new Pokemon and alongside that it will also double up all the XP rewards players can get for evolving pocket monsters or defeating enemy gyms.

We did our research and now we will provide returning players with a few tips to help them get the most out of the limited Christmas event.

Tracking System

The “Nearby” feature has been recently introduced and this completely changes the tracking system because it shows all the Pokemon around the area. The feature also helps players track Pokemon because it now shows Pokemon footprints.

Catch Them All

Obviously this is every player’s goal but this is the perfect time to catch all available Pokemon because during the Christmas event players are allowed to transfer more than one Pokemon at once to the Professor. This can be done by pressing and holding over a Pokemon and then just taping on the other Pokemon that the player wants to include in the transfer.

Gen 2 Pokemon

The internet is filled with Pokemon Go reports that are showing that 100 new Pokemon will be introduced during the Christmas event. Those 100 new pocket monsters are the second generation but they also can be evolved into classic Pokemon such as Slowpoke.

Rumor has it those rare pocket monsters such as Eevee will be able to be evolved two times but we need to wait and see.

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