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The Pokemon video game franchise which has recently received a new iteration in the form of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, is on a lot of people’s list for either gaming or chatting topics. The popular Nintendo game has a lot to offer, including some community based activities.

While trainers can immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon to catch, train and battle creatures, they can also sign up to take part in challenges made for the entire player base. To do so, you just have to visit Festival Plaza. Festival Plaza is an interesting location in the game where people can interact with other players and even trade pocket monsters if the so please.

Speaking of community challenges, Pokemon Sun and Moon has recently concluded the first event of this time, which commenced back in November. Unfortunately, the community came short of the worldwide goal.

The goal of the event was for players all around the world to collectively catch 100 million creatures during the event’s timeframe. Not only did the goal remained unreached, but the player collective failed in a dramatic way as they were only able to gather a total of 16.5 million pokemon. That’s pretty far away from the 100 million goal, which some press dubbed as “barely missing” it.

Now that the event is over and the crushing numbers are in, it’s probably time for Nintendo and the Pokemon Sun and Moon developers to reevaluate the franchise’s popularity and in consequence, their expectations.

Those that have participated in the event will be granted 100 Festival Coins as a sort of “runner up” reward. Even though the franchise is still met with tremendous interest by a dedicated fanbase, 100 million pokemon might have been a little too zealous of a goal.

Let’s hope that the next community event will have more realistic expectations and appropriately satisfying results.