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The latest trend in the gaming world is VR technology and every major company seems to be jumping the bandwagon and releasing VR compatible hardware, headsets and content.

NVIDIA, one of the most prolific hardware manufacturers created chipsets that provide users with stable VR performances and in order to boosts their sales percentages, the company has bundled some of their chipsets with additional virtual reality games.

Using an AMD chipset isn’t only going to benefit customers in terms on of free games, but also because they will not be required to spend additional money for VR headsets and dongles that can cost quite a bit. NVIDIA has taken over the market by storm with their GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 and HTC Vive bundles.

The products are amazing in terms of performances and HTC Vive’s headset is the most sold VR headset right now, having sold over 300.000 units in its first month of release.

Each of the NVIDIA units is bundled with three additional virtual reality games as long as the customers choose to buy the products from either Microsoft or NewEgg. What NVIDIA did great this time, unlike others, is that they decided to make the deal available in all regions of the world and not only to North America. This was the right move from NVIDIA because the company has received some flack in the past for not releasing their hardware at the same time in all regions.

Nonetheless, we can be sure that this bundle is worth it’s money not only because of the free VR games but because NVIDIA creates only great hardware pieces that will allows customers to experience VR media content and games in better graphics.