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A surprise is coming for Minecraft players using Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U: a Holiday Edition is scheduled to come your way. This is being hailed as the biggest update for the console edition of the game as it would include nearly all the features enjoyed by PC gamers.

October also saw a big release for the Console Edition of Minecraft. That particular update featured new mobs like polar bears as well as banners and beets. This time, the updates are even bigger. Here’s a look at what users can expect with the Holiday update:


This is a new item that will be part of the December update. Basically, is you don’t like walking around anymore, simply board this item to get you up in the air. This item is found in end cities and is grey in color; however, it adopts the color of the cape a player is wearing.

The End Expansion

This is Minecraft’s third and final dimension, and the location of the Elytra. The Holiday Update will find The End expanded to include End Cities and End Ships as well as a lot of Chorus Plants, Flowers and Purpur (Block, Pillar, Stairs and Slab). Some Purpur Blocks can also turn out to be Shulkers, which are hostile mobs you can find in End cities.

Dragon’s Breath

This can be used to create Lingering Potions in case you like to leave status effects. And speaking of status effects, there will be new ones in the Holiday Edition: Levitation and Luck.

Amplified Terrain

This is great for those who are starting out with creating a new world in Minecraft. This is where you can test out your skills before actually entering the real world, so to speak.


There will be new items coming with the Holiday Update aside from the Elytra and Dragon’s Breath. New mobs apart from Shulkers will also be available.

These are just some of the features that will be available for Console Edition users this December. Although no specific date has been released, posts from Mojang and Xbox reveal a late December release. So there’s a good chance that the update will be dropped close to Christmas.

These are the current versions for all console editions as of this writing:

  • TU45 for Xbox 360
  • CU34 for Xbox One
  • 1.37 for PS3, PS4 and PSVita
  • Patch 14 for Wii U

When the Holiday Update rolls out this December, the new version numbers will be:

  • TU46 for Xbox 360
  • CU35 for Xbox One
  • 1.38 for PS3, PS4 and PSVita
  • Patch 15 for Wii U

The October Minecraft update was a pretty big one as well, but this one is poised to be larger because it basically puts the Console Edition on the same level as the PC Edition. This update will be available for free for console users and will definitely be something that Minecraft users will be looking forward to during the holiday season.