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This was great year for Apple fans because the company didn’t only release their latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus flagship devices, Apple also rolled out the highly anticipated iOS 10. The new operating system came with innovative features and hardware optimization but what’s great is that Apple keeps on constantly releasing iOS updates.

The latest major software update Apple rolled out was iOS 10.2, which was focused towards fixing some known bugs of iOS 10 and it also bunch of features.

Owners of iOS powered devices that are eligible for iOS 10.2 should keep their eyes peeled to their notification panel because the update will be sent OTA (over-the-air). If the update didn’t pop up in the notification tab, users can access Settings – General – Software Update and users can find the update right there. Worth mentioning is that the only devices which are not eligible for iOS 10.2 are iPad 3 and iPhone 4.

Among all the bug fixes, a couple of features have been included as well. One of the important ones is the new TV app. The app has been designed with only one purpose in mind, to help users access streaming service such as Netflix and Amazon Prime on their Apple TV.

Another small update brought alongside iOS 10.2 is the addition of one hundred new emojis. Apple fans already knew about these emoji because they were showcased in the beta version of the software.

We can’t go over all of them because the list will be too long but to get an idea some of the highlighted emojis are a shrug gesture, gorilla, fox and more. The Bluetooth functionality has also been improved and it performs better now.

Users can now connect their Apple devices to third party gadgets such as a pair of wireless headphones at a faster rate.