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The GTA 5 Online DLC has just been recently released and gamers are excited to take playing Grand Theft Auto up a notch. Apart from a list of new vehicles, including a motorbike and two more that have not been released, a plethora of hidden features are also included in the Import/Export extension.

For starters, there are four new SecuroServ rides added for VIP/CEO missions in the CEO menu. The list includes The Mammoth Patriot, Dundreary Stretch, Enus Super Diamond and Buckingham Super Volito, with the first two being a hummer and a limousine, respectively.  Among the four DLC rides, the Super Volito is the only aerial vehicle included in the Import/Export DLC.

The vehicles are not the only new features to expect from GTA 5 Online DLC. It’s now possible to customize the look of the player, such as mix-and-matching clothing and accessories. This includes helmets, masks, glasses, neck chains, jackets and hats. Having said that, players can make their characters close to their personalities and how they look like in real life. In order to change how your character looks, you should be outside the CEO group of the biker gang and there is one-time expense of $100.

Additionally, the interaction menu feature has “Illuminated Clothing” in which players can opt to adjust or change the brightness of their outfits in the online game. There are also options available, such as, Pulse, Flash for the Deadline outfit and On/Off. Fans can also expect new outfits to be available in the future for the Import/Export DLC.

For players looking for assistance from the personal secretary at the CEO office, it will not be as expensive as before with the cheaper prices for The Pegasus Concierge service, i.e, six buzzers can now be bought for the price of one.

Another hidden treat for GTA fans is the feature that allows the player to lower the suspension of the vehicles. This can be done by taking aim at the rim of both the front and rear tires and shooting them. Fortunately, this feature was offered again by Rockstar after removing it during the Bikers update. Lowered suspension is not only for aesthetics. It basically allows the player to drift in circuit races instead of applying engine breaks.

The new Ruiner 2000 which is priced at $5.7million is a good purchase since it can lure thieves to try to steal your car. By setting the Ruiner to electrocute the potential thief, your car is safe. This vehicle also has a maximum capacity of eight rockets.

The Cargobob, on the other hand, comes in handy during exporting missions and can be used as aerial transport for exotic vehicles while the Midnight Racer and the Not Tonight Pizzaboy are for Elegy RH8.

The new Custom Auto Shop is a combination of the features of Benny’s Motorworks and the Los Santos Customs shop. This makes customizing your ride more exciting.  Also, there is the new feature to buy Shark cards without having to log out of the session to make a purchase.

The GTA 5 Online DLC updates for game consoles and PCs have already been expected as earlier as a month ago and now that it’s already here, the seemingly long wait is over.