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Situating themselves between a low-budget VR viewer and a more expensive one, the Google Daydream View and Samsung Gear VR are expected to increase in sales during the holidays.

We want to compare them to see which one is the right choice to buy. Comparing the display, features, comfort, apps, games and controls, you have to know which one is the best VR headset to buy.


The display factor is highly dependable on what phone you use. The Daydream View pairs well with the 5.5-inch AMOLED Pixel XL with 2560×1440 resolution and 534 ppi. If one chooses to use the regular Google Pixel take note that the VR picture will include some black bars on the sides.

With its Note 7 failure, Samsung offers the S7 Edge with the same specs as the Google Pixel. It is though recommended to use The S6 or the S6 Edge which have a higher pixel density 577 ppi but the only downside is that it has a smaller 5.1-inch screen.

Controls and Features

Setting up and downloading a VR app is similar for both of them. The main difference is that the Daydream comes equipped with a controller with which you can navigate menus, has a trackpad and volume rockers. Samsung however has some buttons and a trackpad built in on the left side.

Games and Apps

Samsung enjoys more praise when it comes to the amount of apps and games available while the Daydream is fairly new to the market.

Users are to find P2P games as well as free ones to enable them to get a pleasant VR experience. Google on the other hand rolls apps like Youtube VR controlled with Google Assistant, Google Photos, Street View and Netflix. It is extremely strong on video content and non-game apps.


They both can be used with a large variety of smartphones by attaching the phone to a microUSB or USB 3 port. The Daydream is connected to the phone via NFC and it even looks better than the Samsung with its cloth finish and light feel.

Samsung however has a plasticky feel but who cares in the end as long as you are not seeing the headset when in VR mode.