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Updating apps on your mobile devices not only provides a new look or feel. Some updates are intended to make sure that your app won’t cause any discomfort or inconvenience due to incompatibility issues. You only have to activate the auto update features of the app that you use on a regular basis, such as the Gmail app.

Good thing Gmail has been updated to version 5.0.7 for iOS devices, namely the iPhone and iPad devices. This official app will bring the best of Gmail to your iOS devices with real-time notifications, search that works across your email, and multiple account support. With this new update for iPhone and iPad, here are some of the most notable features that you should look forward to.

iOS Update for iOS Devices

  • Undo Send – if you haven’t activated the new update, one of the latest update includes the undo send, which will save you of embarrassment when you send an unintentional mistake.
  • Multiple account switching – you will be able to switch between accounts, which you can do while you are on the Gmail app itself.
  • Instant results when searching – provides instant results, predictive typing, and spelling suggestions.
  • Get notified with the new mail – you will gain faster notifications, with the new notification center, lock screen options, and badge.
  • Swipe to archive/delete – this new feature will clear out any content from your inbox.
  • Respond to Google Calendar – reply to invites from Google Calendar, which you can do right from the app.
  • Organizing mail – you will be able to label, archive, delete, star, and report spam.
  • Autocomplete of contact name – when typing, you will be able to get autocomplete suggestions from your phone’s Google contacts.
  • Choose Favorite Browser – you can choose your favorite browser when you want to open links in settings.
  • Edit quoted content – when you reply to a message, it is possible to edit quoted content.
  • Copy/paste content – you can also take advantage when writing a message as you can choose which content you can copy/paste.

Gmail Update for Android Devices

The best and most utilized email client app for Android is here. This is because of the very easy way of using an email app, saving you time and storing all your content in a safe manner. Basically, it provides instant push notifications upon receiving any type of message. Moreover, you can read and write to emails in both offline and online status. The app also allows you to find any emails fast instead of scrolling towards the bottom of the screen.

The inbox in-app of Gmail can organize a particular message in related categories such as Promotional, Social, Primary, and Updates. For this reason, it can always be used by Gmail and non-Gmail addresses, including the Yahoo Mail, and

Aside from being one of the best apps in terms of email clients, the Gmail app has continued to get updates with some bugs fixes, new features, and improvements. This new version is also available in Google Play Store that should have significant changes.