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Clash Royale is a card based PVP game where players amass troops and make use of them to destroy an opponent’s towers. Some major balancing changes have already been done to the game and this update is no different to the previous ones.

Supercell analyzed win rates of various cards and their pick rates and decided the way to approach the next update is to balance them, especially elite barbarians who become more powerful. Check out the update below!

Lumberjack, Mortar, Mirror and Bomber

The additional hitpoints that Lumberjack will receive will make him more resistant and will allow troops to get in range of his anger. His hitpoints will be buffed by 6%. Another buff to be received is the 4% increase in damage of Bomber.

Mortar will also get some recognition as his explosion range will be increased by up to 11%, enabling him to affect a bigger area. Mirror will not be neglected as well; he will be able to create max level +1 cards.

Balloon, Wizard and Giant Skeletons

The biggest buff of this patch is to be received by Balloons, their damage is being increased by 105% and death damage radius will also be increased by 50% allowing them to be more impactful in the Arena.

Wizard’s speed is going to change from 1.6 seconds to 1.4 and last but not least the Giant Skeleton will be 8% stronger in terms of damage.

Inferno Dragon, Tornado and Elite Barbarians

Inferno Dragon will have its health increased by 5% and he will change targets 0.4 seconds quicker. Tornado will receive additional 10% pulling power thus offering him more interesting interactions. The biggest change however will be undergone by the Elite Barbarians who will have 19% more health, 14% more damage and a 1.4 seconds hit speed.

Fans are pretty hyped up about these balancing update and will look forward to adapt their strategies appropriately. Let’s see how the update rolls out!