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It seems that the previous rumors regarding the Clash of Clans December Update were quite right, as Supercell has announced on its official Twitter account that the “X-Mas” update is coming to the game. We remind you that the fans of Clash of Clans have speculated that a Winter update will be released for their favorite game sometime in December 2016.

It seems that Supercell will make a live stream tomorrow, showing you exactly the changes that will come to the Clash of Clans. Below you can watch the announcement that the developing company has made:

As you can see in the video, tomorrow (December 18, 2016) the developers will make a live stream where it will say everything you need to know about the X-Mas update. The developers have also given some sneak peaks regarding some of the changes that this update will bring:

  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen will now have a maximum level of 45;
  • The Clan Castles can be updated to level 7;
  • The Golem can be updated to level 6;
  • The Hog Riger can be updated to level 7;
  • The Poison Spell can now wreak more havoc and the level cap is has been increased to level 5.

Supercell has made these changes in order to make a difference between the Town Hall level 10 and Town Hall level 11. At the same time, this update will also bring some buffs and de-buffs to some troops and spells.

First of all, the Poison Spell has received radius boost, while Witches now have received damage and hit point boost. At the same time, Balloons will now attack as soon as their target is in the hit zone.

You will now be able to update the Wizard Tower to level 10, but you will need the Town Hall to be at level 11. The maximum level of Walls is now 12, but it seems that a limit of 50 pieces is added in order to add a level of strategy.