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Antivirus has become a necessity these days. We are spending more time on internet than anywhere else. Whether we are using our mobile devices to catch up on the latest news or using our laptops and desktops to work, we are constantly connected to the web. In a way, we are exposing ourselves to whatever is out there and most of the time – especially these days – they are just malicious.

Quite a number of people have been affected by viruses, malware and other threats on the web. Yes, we have been told to adhere to security protocols to protect our safety while online but that is just not enough. We need help and that comes in the form of antivirus software. Given that new threats appear each day, users will find that antivirus packages are also frequently updated. So much so that it gets frustrating about getting prompted to get the new version when there’s a lot of things you still need to do on the computer.

As a result, we tend to save the update process for later. Ultimately, we forget there ever was a prompt to get the latest version. This is a dangerous attitude and it must be curbed. While updating may be a nuisance, there are reasons you should be doing so:

  1. It keeps you protected

This is the primary reason you should always update your antivirus package when prompted. Yes, we may only hear about the biggest threats because they are the ones that get covered by the media. However, there’s a smaller subset of threats out there that despite being considered minor nuisances, can actually inflict harm on a system. These and the bigger ones are constantly caught by security teams and addressed.

  1. It gives you access to the newest features

Antivirus programs undergo changes depending on feedback and whatever direction the company wants to take it. For instance, the interface of a program may change depending on the feedback of users. Antivirus software is just like any other program that needs constant tweaking in order to remain fresh.

Sometimes, programs are also changed because of company directives. For instance, they want to add a new package to the program that requires the addition of a button. In this case, the interface needs to be redesigned to accommodate the addition.

  1. It keeps your antivirus compliant with your operating system

It’s not just the antivirus packages that change, sometimes there are operating system updates that require programs to change as well. For instance, support for a component that an antivirus software uses has been yanked from the operating system it is running in. This necessitates a change because the program might not longer function as planned. Or, it may break down entirely and this obviously needs to be addressed.

Antivirus programs are very much needed now that we are always connected to the internet. It doesn’t matter if we use a smartphone or a desktop computer, devices need to be protected.

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