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The future generation of Bluetooth is rumored to hit Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphone. Social media is going crazy over its potential as it will come with a better wireless feature. When the guys from Bluetooth announced that its 5th generation is ready to go, it quickly became one of the trending topics on Facebook with over 1 million people talking about it.

It is rumored that the South Korean tech giant Samsung will have the first device to come with such feature. The Samsung Galaxy S8 might be the first device to feature Bluetooth 5 with updates regarding a greater wireless range and faster connection speeds. They are indeed truly needed as it is believed that Samsung’s new device will have no headphone jack whatsoever.

After its Galaxy Note 7 failure, they desperately need something that will blow the market wide open and the new updated Bluetooth technology will fit like a glove to Samsung’s needs. Their new flagship is believed to feature an all-screen design and dual stereo speakers for its AI assistant.

The device will be released most likely in early 2017 to follow Samsung’s tradition. Its new design might come as a shocker but what are really important are its hardware specs. Being believed to sport a Snapdragon 830 chip paired with 6GB of RAM it will most likely destroy its competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is also rumored to sport a massively improved camera with tons of additional features to turn even the most inexperienced user to snap photos as good as a professional photographer does.

With all these rumored features Samsung is clearly aiming big to make them stand next to none when it comes to 2017 in terms of smartphone sales. We can only hope that they will deliver something great.

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