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Nintendo seems to be heading the right direction because the company is topping the gaming charts and even the mobile ones. The company recently launched Pokemon Sun and Moon Editions and the combined profits gathered by the two games surpass even the sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

In the past it was easier to check which game has sold the most copies because the US NPD tracker usually provided sales charts that showed the amount of units sold, but now the NPD has changed its policy and only shows the amount of revenue generated.

The only company that still shows the amount of units sold in a whole region is UK’s Chart-Track and in November the company revealed that Nintendo’s Pokemon Sun and Moon are the best selling games of that month.

Worth noting is that the Pokemon games are not even complete new games, but rather updated versions of older games. The Sun and Moon edition only includes a new map and additional Pokemon that encourage trading among players.

Regarding mobile games, Nintendo also launched Super Mario Run which is the most downloaded paid game in 62 countries which includes both UK and US. The game is still in it’s in early days and we can expect it gather even more downloads over time.

Games are not the only products that Nintendo excels at; the company is also seeing an increase in the sales percentages of their 3DS consoles and Classic Mini NES.

In fact, reports are showing that this is Nintendo’s best year regarding console sales but we can expect the company to bring even more profits coming 2017 because Nintendo Switch will be launched in January, 2017.

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