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It’s a well known fact by now that Nintendo is prepping to launch their new Nintendo Switch console and everyone knows what to expect. Recent reports show that this might not be the case because Nintendo was spotted trying to patent a VR headset peripheral. Patent documents from June 10th, 2016 surfaced today and it showed that proved Nintendo has patented a HMD (head mounted display).

The documents aren’t filled with many details and it doesn’t show how Nintendo will use the VR headset, but there’s no other way than to bundle them with the gaming console alongside the Joy-con pads for an additional price.

Regarding the VR headset, the documents included the following statement: “may present images of a wide viewing angle to a user by enlarging the viewing angle of the images on the display 12 through the lenses”.

What’s interesting is that the patented file hints that Switch also includes a touch screen, something that can’t be spotted in the console’s trailer. When confronted about this, Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima refused to confirm the existence of a touch screen but did state that the trailer didn’t include all the features that Switch will bring. Tatsumi Kimishima’s statement can be considered as a direct hint towards Switch add-on hardware such as the VR headset and touch screen.

The console was even showcased at “The Tonight Show” that’s hosted by Jimmy Fallon, and the host got a chance to play “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” which is a Nintendo exclusive title. It’s safe to say that the console performed exceptionably well.

Right now Nintendo is refusing to confirm any of the rumors regarding the VR headset patent, but we don’t have to wait too much until we can find out ourselves because the console is getting released on January 12th, 2017.