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The latest update to Microsoft’s Xbox One game console is rolling out globally and according to Microsoft, from now on, games will be downloaded up to 80 percent faster. However, if your broadband connections are slower than 100Mbps, then your download speeds will increase only by up to 40 percent, thanks to this update.

The lucky gamers whose bandwidth exceeds 100 Mbps will experience speedier connections up to 80 percent faster, but they will also notice improvements in the new update that will make background downloads more resilient and they will drop less often. The latest version of the Xbox One software is 10.0.14393.2152, also known as rs1_xbox_rel_1610 161208-1218, and it’s available not only to members of the Xbox Insider Program.

If you don’t know your console’s OS version, head to Settings > All Settings > System > Console Info & Updates in order to find out. You will need to know this information because the original Xbox One operates in either instant-on mode (remaining in standby most of the time) or in an energy-saving mode (being “off” when powered down), and if you’ve selected the first option, then the update will not matter that much, because the device will power itself on, the update will be automatically downloaded, then it will return to its standby mode without needing any intervention from you.

However, if you’ve chosen energy-saving mode, you will need to manually turn on the console so that downloads and updates can be processed. This mode is preferred by gamers who want to cut their energy bills, as the energy-saving mode uses only 0.5W versus 15 watts of power that the instant-on mode uses.

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