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A jailbreaking tool for iOS 10 has been expected and speculated to be in the works since the release of the latest operating system version a few months ago. It was rumored that the long awaited iOS 10 Jailbreak will surface once Apple releases the 10.2 firmware to the public. Infamous jailbreak developer Pangu has been considered to be on the job and waiting for the 10.2 release so that it can be a step ahead of Apple at every turn.

The worst case scenario occurred for those awaiting a Jailbreak solution, as Apple organized a 7th phase of testing for its iOS 10.2 beta. It turns out that some implementations and changes they have made there, caused the entire operating system to become unhackable, so to speak.

Pangu and other developers have remained silent after the launch of iOS 10.2, with no apparent solution to please the community.

The only spark of hope came from solo developer Luca Todesco which advised iPhone users to switch on the iOS 10.1.1 build, as it showed the most potential for a possible jailbreak in the future. It looks like that might come to pass in the end, as the same Luca Todesco has made an enticing rant about Google Project Zero. During his criticism he mentioned a kernel root exploit, which could potentially be used to crack iOS right open.

Reinvigorated with new hope, the iPhone Jailbreak community is looking forward to learn more about Luca Todesco’s plans and if he can procure a viable jailbreak solution for iOS 10.

With time running short, it will be interesting to see if he, or anyone else for that matter, will be able to pull it off before we cross over into 2017. If the answer is no, we might still receive a late Christmas present in January 2017.