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The Fallout universe along what comes implied with it will exhibit its vivid and scenic world in Minecraft with the help of an add-on pack.

This means that Minecraft Fallout Mash-Up Pack will come with 44 skins and will bring your favorite characters to the Minecraft series such as Tinker Tom and Nick Valentine. More common skins including the likes of Brotherhood soldiers and Vault Boy will be included as well.

Judging by the looks of it, the new add-on pack is believed to be a major success due to the fact that it looks highly apocalyptic. It is not surprising after all as mutants and ghouls will be featured in this specific pack.  Players will have the option of rebuilding scenes specific to Fallout like building a vault or a swamp that has seen too much radiation. Never has it been so easy to be the creator of a hellish environment.

The soundtrack is not going to be neglected as well. This add-on pack will feature some bits of soundtrack belonging to Fallout 4 and some user interface updates to make the addition of Fallout adhere more coherently to Minecraft’s specific authenticity while at the same time preserving a doomsday feeling.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news but as Mojang stated PC and Pocket Edition users will be left out of this scheme as the new add-on will be available only for consoles. Regarding the price it’s going to be dirt cheap as it is expected, coming at $5.99 with no news regarding regional prices.

Regarding its release date Mojang announced that the addition of Fallout to Minecraft will be “coming soon”. We don’t know what that means but we sure are hoping to bring diversity and enjoyment for those who opt to install it.