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Sims certainly is the most popular life simulation game franchise no doubt. EA has been known for creating successful game franchises and Sims is one of them, the latest installment in the franchise came two years ago in the form of Sims 4 but unfortunately that game didn’t benefit from the same success its predecessors had. The main reason behind its failure is because fans had high expectations and EA failed to deliver.

In order to make fans happy and to gather some additional profits at the same time, EA recently rolled out the “City Living” DLC. The DLC was successful and the game’s popularity skyrocketed. This is great news for everyone because EA stated that the development of Sims 5 completely depends on the amount of profits the “City Living” DLC brings.

Seeing that Sims 4 is one of the most popular games right now and knowing that EA is a serious company that keeps true to its word, we are more than likely to see another Sims installment next year.

Fans have already started speculating about what features Sims 5 will bring and all speculations surround the integration of VR functionality. Using augmented reality technology is exactly what Sims 5 needs to make the game franchise shine once again, especially since the whole gaming world gets excited whenever they hear about new VR content.

What’s interesting is that even though Sims 5 is highly anticipated and fans of the franchise would more than likely buy the game instantly, EA has yet to confirm that they are working on it. Maybe the game developer is still waiting to see how much profit it can gather from the latest Sims 4 DLC.

Nonetheless, taking in consideration how long the development process is, we can expect the game to be unveiled during the fourth quarter of 2017.