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While still keeping its familiar design, Apple’s iPhones stand above their competition in a lot of areas. Even its competitors including the likes of Google, HTC and Samsung have copied some elements of the iPhone to some extent. A massive boost in performance and sleek design of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus offered Apple a clear lead in the smartphone manufacturers war.

It is rumored that Samsung will overthrow Apple’s reign with its new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8. As Apple is still clinging to its low resolution screen sporting only 720p on a 4.7-inch screen and 1080p on the iPhone 7 Plus, its competitor Samsung will feature next-generation panels with better display capabilities paired with Y-OCTA technology.

This technology that was first featured on Galaxy Note 7 failed project allows thinner panels with a better touch sensibility. It is also widely believed that their home screen is going to disappear thus making the phone’s display occupy a large percentage of its front side. Its fingerprint scanner will be smartly hidden underneath the panel which might also be encountered on Apple’s iPhone 8.

The resolution of Samsung’s new flagship device is most likely going to stay at 2K with news that 4K displays are on their way. Not to worry though as users won’t feel a noticeable difference as 4K displays will only shine in the VR area.

Samsung is thought to feature the same resolution as the Galaxy S7 but thanks to its Y-OCTA technology it will not have the same feeling with improvements being promised.

After its Galaxy Note 7 failure, the South Korean tech giant is to reveal its new Samsung Galaxy S8 series in the first quarter next year.