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It seems that another big company has decided to ditch the Adobe Flash Player. According to reports, Microsoft has announced that the next version of its Edge web browser will automatically block Flash media from displaying when people visit websites that use this video player.

However, likewise on the latest Google Chrome version, users will still be able to view Flash content on websites if they manually enable the Flash Player.

Crispin Cowan and John Hazen, Microsoft Edge managers, claimed that in order “to ease the transition to HTML5, these changes initially will not affect the most popular sites which rely on Flash today.” The managers added that “in the coming months, we will actively monitor Flash consumption in Microsoft Edge and will gradually shorten the list of automatic exceptions.” By making this move, Microsoft joins other big web companies such as Apple, Google and Mozilla.

The Adobe Flash Player has a history of software bugs, which have made it a primary tool for the hackers to use it in order to gain access to computers. Back in April 2016, Adobe had to release an emergency update to Flash because security researchers have found out that the hackers were using it to distribute ransomware to people’s computers. Ransomeware was allowing hackers to lock users out of their computers and ask for an amount of money in order to give access back to the owners.

Google has mentioned back in August 2016 that Chrome browser will completely stop supporting Flash by 2017. A month earlier, in July 2016, Mozilla said that Firefox browser will also remove the support for Flash Player, but the company has not mentioned when exactly this will happen.

Do you think that Adobe Flash Player will completely die in 2017? What are your thoughts about HTML5? Which software do you prefer?