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While taking into consideration the vast collection of applications pertaining to all categories that are stored within the app market for Google’s Android operating system, it’s still safe to say that Google Play Store is probably still the most important one you can own. The reasoning behind this statement is not only simple, but also undeniable.

The Google Play Store app is your gateway to the entirety of all that the Play Store has to offer. Keeping this app updated will ensure that your connection to the app library is always top notch. The actual process of updating the app is fairly simple and should give you any headaches, if you’re new to smartphones and are worried about that aspect.

There are two ways to update the Google Play Store app on your device. The more simple and traditional way is by simply updating the app from the Play Store itself. This is easily achieved through navigating to the Google Play Store page within the Google Play Store itself. Once there, use the Update button to get your version up to par with the latest release.

If for some reason you are unable to use this method, such as not having a reliable internet connection, or not having an internet connection at all, you can take the second route which is still simple and will get you there just as well.

You can download the app file, which has an APK format, and manually install it on your device. The latest version of the Google Play Store app is 7.3.07, so make sure that’s the one you are going to download. You can find it on various websites, although it is advised that you use a trustworthy APK file provider. Just copy the file on your device’s local storage and tap the APK on your phone to start the installation.