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The latest major update Clash of Clans received was back in October and it brought amazing features that made the game even more fun. When the update was released the game’s popularity rose even higher than it already was, and with that being said we can understand why Supercell is rumored to launch another major patch during December.

Even though the community is buzzing with rumors, Supercell has yet to confirm or decline any of these rumors.

The update might have been delayed until January 2017 because Supercell seems to be focused on other matters like VR content. The game producer recently uploaded one 360 degree Clash of Clans video that gave players a chance to step into a Hog Rider’s shoes and jump head first into battle. The video raised many question, because VR technology is all the rage right now and if Supercell does decide to update the game and give it VR functionalities that will sure make it the most played game ever.

Some of the questions the Clash of Clans community is asking right now is how will Supercell implement VR functionalities without changing how the game completely, maybe the company will great a different edition or just add certain levels that are VR compatible.

The addition of VR features might be the reason why the December update got pushed back to January 2017. We can only imagine the amount of tweaking the game requires before VR content can be added, and of course the creation of 360 degree maps will take some time.

But, nevertheless it’s great seeing that Supercell is on top of their game and that they are always thinking of ways to improve their game and provide additional content.