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Candy Crush Saga is a hit game where players are supposed to match three of kind candies or more in order for them to disappear from the screen. You have a limited number of moves in order to achieve your goal though and if your moves expire you will eventually lose one life. They regenerate over time though and can also be bought with real money.

Stripped Candy is made when four candies of the same type are being put together and they clear entire rows when they are paired with at least two of the same type candies. If you move the candy vertically, the whole vertical column will be cleared and vice versa regarding horizontal movement.

Wrapped Candy is made by matching five pieces of the same type in an L or T shape and they are able to clear nine candies around them when matched up with two regular ones. A candy/color bomb is created by matching five of them in a row and will make all the candies of the same type disappear from the board.

Now that you have the basics put down, it’s time for some strategic moves! As the game can give you some suggested moves don’t take it for granted as it can be deceiving. Some of the moves will not contribute to the end goal and we advise you to ignore them completely.

Notwithstanding your level and goal obstacles in the game should be regarded as top priority, and even if you are not asked to do so, it opens the map and allows you to move pieces of candy more freely.

The best advice however is to be patient as it is just a matter of time before you complete the game even though if it means losing all of your lives countless times.