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Microsoft and Adobe have released their monthly security patches this Tuesday that have fixed some critical security issues in their products.

The new update that has been released for Adobe Flash Player has fixed 17 security issues, including one “zero-day” vulnerability that is already being exploited by hackers. On the other hand, Microsoft has come with 42 security fixes in Windows and associated software.

It seems that about 6 patches that Microsoft has released yesterday were critical, which means that these security issues could be exploited by malware in order to gain remote control of the vulnerable computers.

It seems that a good amount of issues were related to Microsoft’s browsers (Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer), but some of them were found in the Microsoft Office and .NET.

In concordance with Shavlik, most of the vulnerabilities that have been fixed by Microsoft were publicly disclosed prior to this weeks, which means that attackers had a good amount of time to figure out how to exploit them.

The Adobe Flash Player version has been released for Windows and Mac operating systems. So, if you have installed Flash player on your computer, you should update it as soon as possible, as there are high chances that someone could remotely control your computer without any problems.

A good move would be to just uninstall the Flash Player once the HTML5 will be available on most of the websites. However, this will most likely take some time, as according to reports, the Adobe Flash Player will “die” sometime in Q2-Q3 2017. We remind you that the HTML5 is already used by big companies such as YouTube.

Are you using Adobe Flash Player on your computer? Will you uninstall it once HTML5 will become more popular?