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We’re pretty sure that you already miss those huge discounts that were available during the Black Friday. Well, we have some good news for anyone who plans to purchase the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 as a Christmas gift.

According to reports, until December 24, 2016, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles will have some awesome bundles that will cost around $249.99. If you are planning to purchase Sony’s PlayStation 4 500GB console along with the popular “Uncharted 4” game, then we’re pretty sure that $250 is a pretty decent price for this console and this successful game.

If you don’t like “Uncharted 4”, you can always pick another bundle with either “Batman: Arkham Knight” or “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”, but they cost $350 and $300, respectively.
On the other hand, Microsoft comes with an interesting offer, discounting all Xbox One S bundles with $50. Likewise on the days after Thanksgiving, you are now able to purchase the “Battlefield 1”, “Minecraft Favorites” bundle with Xbox One S 500GB for $250. You can also purchase the Xbox One S bundle “Halo Collection”, which comes with both “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” and “Halo 5” and costs only $250.

We remind you that Microsoft and Sony have cut the prices of their consoles to $300 in December 2015. Usually, this always happen during the holiday promotion before making the cuts permanent early in the New Year.

Nintendo’s Wii U is expected to be replaced in March 2017, but for some reason, it is still being sold for $299.99, a price that will not be paid by most of the gamers out there, especially when they have alternatives such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Will you purchase the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 as your Christmas gift?