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It looks like the developers behind WhatsApp have been quite busy this year. The Facebook owned company rolled out a bunch of new updates that included features such as the highly anticipated video calling feature.

WhatsApp has risen even more in popularity because of the constant stream of updates, the messaging app got to the point that it now boasts an active user base over one billion and it seems like that isn’t enough because reports are showing that WhatsApp is about to roll another update pretty soon.

Owners of iOS powered devices should be happy to hear that WhatsApp is working on developing a revoke feature that will solve many problems. We can be sure that everyone sent a text message by accident, maybe there were some typos or it was meant for someone else, either way this feature will fix that problem.

The update will bring WhatsApp’s firmware number to and it gives users the ability to revoke sent text messages, videos images and even edit them and send them again. What’s interesting is that when users revoke one of their already sent messages, the message will also be deleted from the recipient’s device as well. Worth mentioning is that this feature is considered to be a hidden feature because WhatsApp didn’t mention its existence in the patch notes, the company is probably still testing with it and once it comes out of its beta phase they will officially announce it.

Android user will probably receive the new revoke/edit option as soon as the hidden feature is completely optimized. The WhatsApp community is actually speculating that the feature wasn’t supposed to alter the recipient’s data and that this might be just a bug.

Nonetheless, this is an innovative idea and it will surely give WhatsApp an edge over its competitors. It’s great seeing that WhatsApp is doing their best to keep ahead of the competition, we can only imagine what will 2017 bring in terms of new features.