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Streaming boxes have become better and better over the past few years with the likes of Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV and Apple TV brightening our digital lives.

New features for streaming boxes weren’t needed this year so Roku decided to offer more bang for less buck. Their models range from $30 to $130 but neither of them have that wow factor that should be expected and nobody actually cares because they do what they are supposed to.

The Roku Ultra which comes with a price tag of $130 displays video in 4k HDR, uses fast Wifi and comes equipped with a quad-core processor that lets you stream whatever you need at the blink of an eye. This results in very fast streaming and it’s miles faster than last year’s Roku 4 at rendering 4k content.

The cheapest streaming box out there is the Roku Express and comes at $30. At this price it includes a remote control which is by no means special but it does what it’s supposed to do. For this sum of money you can binge-watch your favorite Netflix series in 1080p. The only downside is that users have complained about its slow rendering speeds and long waiting time.

If you are not an avid fan of Amazon, Apple or Android, the right choice to make in regard to buying a streaming box would be the Roku Premiere which is being sold for $80 or the Roku Streaming Stick that is a tad cheaper, coming at $50.

The competition has a thing or two to say about this and Amazon is preparing for launch a $40 Fire TV while Google is preparing a 4k Chromecast.