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Players around the world were challenged by Nintendo to submit their captured creatures on the Game Sync function.  The goal was to catch 100 milion Pokemon in 14 days but despite a lot of effort the goal was not met, only 16,432,231 Pokemon being registered which is by a huge margin not even close to the target set by Nintendo as fans are disappointed and at the same time expect Game Freak to reduce their future goals.

The “Pokemon Sun & Moon” event launched on the 29th of November and 1000 Festival Coins were to be awarded if the 100 million goal was met. Nintendo actually moved 10 milion copies of “Pokemon Sun & Moon” and 7.8 million units were sold.

To do the math, that means each player would need to register about 12.8 Pokemon to meet the mark.  Let’s consider only half the player take part in this event and there would still be a reasonable target to meet, which is 25.64 Pokemon to be caught and registered.

Some speculations regarding the failed event started by Nintendo point to the fact that not all players have access to enter Game Sync as it has an online requirement. Some players are not allowed to enter the online world either by them being too young or not having access to an internet connection.

Another reason is that Nintendo didn’t promote their event properly as there are some players who do not stay in contact with the Festival Plaza feature and might’ve missed the broadcast.

Despite this failure, Nintendo is planning to hold another event of this scale and fans can only hope that it will be doable this time and hope for Nintendo to reduce their demands regarding Pokemon registering after being caught.