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This might come like a surprise to some but Pokemon Go wasn’t released in all regions of the world at the same time. While European and U.S. residents already have the game downloaded on their mobile phone, residents of South Asia were still waiting for the game but not anymore.

Great news for South Asian residents, Niantic Labs finally made the game available for Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan. The reason why the game’s release was delayed so much is still unknown and Niantic Labs only stated that they needed to “resolve a few administrative challenges”.

Nonetheless, South Asian residents should know that the augmented reality mobile game has just made available in their region and they can download it right now from the App Store or Goo Play Store.

This is a great time to get into Pokemon Go because just yesterday Niantic added 100 new Pokemon. Yesterday’s patch also includes generation two Pokemon and baby Pokemon that can later be evolved into stronger forms. After the first months of its launch, the game started losing popularity and to fix that Niantic Labs rolled out the game’s first ever limited in game event. The limited event update was rolled out in November and it included Halloween themed bonuses and spooky Pokemon. This helped the game reach the number one stop once again.

Also worth mentioning is that Pokemon Go is the first ever mobile game to have retailers and coffee shops as official partners. Niantic Labs announced last week that they have partnered up with Starbucks and Sprint stores, meaning that players will be able to find more Pokemon in the shops of Starbucks and Sprint.

Some players are criticizing Niantic for focusing on money and not on player experience, but this shouldn’t be any surprise since the only reason why Niantic created the game is to make profits.