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Being launched a year ago, the HTC One M9 sported top of the line specs. Does the latest OnePlus 3 deserve an upgrade to this?

Display and design wise the OnePlus 3 has an enormous 5.5-inch AMOLED display while the One M9 only has a basic 5-inch LCD3 screen. They have the same resolution however, namely 1080×1920 pixels with Gorilla Glass on both screens.

The One M9 is running Android Lollipop with HTC Sense UI 7.0 and the OnePlus 3 has the Android 6.0. These statistics are soon to be forgotten however as HTC announced that they both will receive the new and improved Android 7.0 Nougat.

Performance wise the OnePlus 3 is powered by a Snapdragon 820 which clocks at 2.15GHz. The One M9 however has a slower Snapdragon 810 with a speed of 2.0GHz. The biggest difference in terms of performance is the whopping 6GB of RAM that the OnePlus 3 has while the HTC One M9 only has 3GB of RAM to play with.

Another important difference is the storage space where the OnePlus 3 doesn’t sport a microSD slot with 64GB of available internal storage. The HTC One M9 however has 32GB of storage but it allows its users to expand the space with up to 256GB via microSD.

In terms of battery they are very similar, the only noticeable difference being that the HTC One M9 comes with 2840mAh while the One Plus 3’s battery has 3000mAh.

What is important to these phones are the cameras. The One Plus 3 sports a 16MP (2160p) snapper with LED flash and a 8MP selfie camera. The HTC One M9 however knocks the One Plus 3 to the ground with a 20MP rear camera and a 4MP front. The only downside is that the One Plus 3 offers a better software pack to make up for the lack of MP.

Taking into the account all the facts mentioned above the OnePlus 3 is a better device than the HTC One M9 but it doesn’t include so many new features.