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Microsoft tablets that are found on multiple configurations will receive some great discounts at Walmart. These discounts are available for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3. Prices are to drop by up to $280 on the Surface pro 4 whereas the previous Surface Pro 3 will see $931 cut off the initial price tag.

Surface Pro 4 Discounts

Sporting an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM with 128GB of internal storage, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Pro as its operating system is to be found at $749 with $250 taken off its initial price.

If one wishes to buy a higher end version of the Surface Pro 4 with 8GB of RAM instead of 4 and 256GB storage it is sold for $1.019.95, making it $280 cheaper. Amazon is offering the same sale on the Surface Pro 4 and it is to be found at 1.107.99.

Surface Pro 3 Discounts

While not so powerful as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pro 3 is more appealing to customers as it sees bigger discounts than the higher version. Sporting an i7 chip, 8GB of Ram and 512GB of storage space but offering Windows 8.1 Pro as its operating system, the Surface Pro 3 is available at $1.018. This bargain is the one to look for considering the initial price tag was $1.949. Not to worry though Windows 8.1 Pro can be upgraded for free to the Windows 10.

A weaker version of the Surface Pro 3 with 256GB of internal storage is available at $818. It is also powered by an Intel Core i7 chip so you still get a bang for your buck. This promotion only lasts for 12 days as its name states.

Being Called Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals it started on December the 5th and it is scheduled to end on December the 16th. Walmart does not state if the promotion will be available for any longer or how many Surface Pros will be allocated for being sold.